Graphic designer

Graphic & digital Designer

My name is Florian and I'm a freelance graphic designer. I have enough creative brainpower to help you get the visuals you need. I love helping people with my designs. From logo's and branding to Illustrations, animations and webdesign.


a collection of some  

of my favorite works

for my favorite clients

Mentor journeys

web design | Social Media | Art direction

Live site

© 2022

Mentor Journeys is a start-up accelerator. They were in need of a innovative website and social media approach. What started out as a design project turned into a professional partnership.


Branding | Web Design| Social Media

Live Site

© 2021

While I was working at Black-Cod, I created a full branding for "Maggy Dendermonde". A clothing store. I gave her a more modern yet timeless styleguide with logo, typographie and colors. This style comes back through her new and improved website and social media.

Pocket buddy

UI/UX | Animation | Web design

Case study

© 2021 - 2022

Pocket Buddy was a study I did to find and solve a problem within the diving community. During my research I found that the theory behind the sport is quite dry and tiresome. Which made it tidious for a starting diver to learn the theory and would look less appealing to those considering to join. That's why I came up with "Pocket Buddy" an intriguing app filled with animated turotials and explainer videos, to help starting divers and make the sport more appealing.


Branding | Web design

live site

© 2020

Fuths offers two beautiful Penthouses in the heart of Antwerp yet with a calm atmosphere and an amazing view. These concepts where the foundation of their new branding and website. For the logo I used the Antwerp skyline just like the view they offer. The website is rustic yet elegant and calm.

Buske Stamp

Logo design

© 2019 - 2022

A local youth organisation aproached me with a request to design a beer label. The name of the beer, Buske stamp, comes from an old school game. The idea was to go for a more nostalgic approach so i combined it with a somewhat outdated chiro to reach that feeling of nostalgia. In the end the client was very well satisfied and collected enough funds to go on international camp.Definitely one of the most fun projects I've done so far.

Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftimes beter than a master of one...


I've been working in Illustrator for six years now. It is my favorite and go to design software. For Illustrations, Posters and Logo design.


I've been working in photoshop for eight years now. Creating mock-ups, edditing photos, creating concept art and even some GIFF's.

AFter effects

I've been using After effects
for Motion design and Animations for over four years now and really feel at home in this software.


The newest software in my toolbox, but one of my favorites already. After two years and five websites I can say I'm getting the hang of it.


Three years of WordPress experience. I prefer Webflow now, but can work with both.


I'm quite new at Figma, two years and four prototypes into the software, I'm starting to see the full potential this software provides.


Never particularly liked this software, but it gets the job done when making magazines and such. Over three years of experience.


Apart from Webflow, I have a decent understanding of HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. And can create the website you want from scratch.

cinema 4d

Three years into CINEMA 4D. Creating 3D models of the campus, characters and logo animations.

adobe xd

This was my go to software for three years. Than I came across figma, which isn't that different but offers a little bit more. Still if a client wants to work with XD, I can do that.

premiere pro

I can find my way in Premiere Pro, although I prefer After Effects, for some assignements premiere pro is much more adequate.



Graphic designer | Social media manager

2021 - 2022

An internship at Black-Cod, an all round agency with a focus on marketing through social media. I was appointed as a social media manager. When they saw my creative insight they put me in charge of bigger projects. Such as webdesign, video and event design. After my internschip I stayed on as a working student.

Mentor journeys

Digital designer | Social media manager

2021 - now

This year I started yet another adventure. I ran an internship at a start-up to see how to best start a business and what is needed to launch it. I learned a great deal and was asked to stay. Now I overlook the designer decisions at Mentor Journeys, an accelerator that helps small businesses and start-ups grow.

NF Design

GRAPHIC designer |Digital designer

2019 - Now

Since a few years back I started working as a freelancer. I wanted to put my knowledge to the test and see how it would transpire in the professional world of graphic design. I also wanted to help people achieve their dreams with my visuals.



Digital designer | animation


During the Covid-19 Pandemic our society changed. Even there where you would not first think to look. Selling cars. People didn't go to the showrooms anymore to look for a car to buy. Instead they started buying them online. The salesmen had to change their selling tactics. Volvo needed an Explainer video about the changes in the sales process


Wtc antwerp

Digital designer | ANIMATION


I worked for The World Trade Center Antwerp for a month as freelancer. In this period I made an explainer videos explaining the changes between tenant and landlord during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It was a brief but educational project.


Bachelor degree

Graphic and digital media | crossmedia design

2018 - 2022

I graduated as a Graphic Designer at the AP University in Antwerp. Here I learned to design for print aswell as digital design, which has made me a jack of all trades. Comfortable in most design stages. From motion and web design to posters and magazines.


Digital designer | Social media manager

2017 - 2020

I was the head of media for three years at the fraternity Habes. Besides managing social media, I also made all event related visuals. Tickets, posters and a yearly introduction video to introduce the new members. This was the first time that I created visuals for the outside world.